Thanks for dropping in!

We're Pete and Jen Coomber, a Married couple with a flair for creativity. We have a wide range of skills including design, graphics, illustration, portraits, character design, video editing and we can even play and sing you a pretty good tune on the guitar if you're lucky!

We have put together this beautiful pigeon hole of our best work for you to view. We have created a lot of different pieces ranging from t-shirts, character designs, clay models, logos, photo editing, brochures, illustrations, videos, portraits, set backdrops and the list goes on.

So if you have an idea of something you'd like us to design or create, send us a message by carrier pigeon (or contact us below) and we can guarantee it will look pretty coo-coo-cool!

We also love making videos! Why not take a gander at out YouTube channel

Pete & Jen